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GharHatti is Pakistan’s first most reliable and easy-to-use platform to either expand or start a new business without any cost. At GharHatti, resellers sell products online through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media app. GharHatti helps their online business by providing:

-Large number of top-selling products
-Orders fulfillment and Logistics
-Cash on Delivery payment method
-Best quality with easy Return Policy

GharHatti aims to help thousands of people make a living by making it easy to start or expand an online business.

GharHatti offers business owners a platform where they can sell their products all over Pakistan. Suppliers can register their account on GharHatti and then they can create product catalogues, add products in the catalogue with the product information. All supplier’s products will be visible to resellers which they will select and share on their social circle. When resellers get orders, they will place them on the GharHatti mobile app, and the Supplier will get notified. Then the supplier confirms the order request and clicks on ready to ship and then the logistics partners pick the order and ship to the end consumer of the reseller and collect cash, GharHatti reimburse the amount to the supplier after the successful delivery.
This is how simply; suppliers can increase their revenue and expand their business without any cost.

For reseller GharHatti has a mobile app. After registration, resellers are given FREE access to a large number of top-selling supplier’s products. They can share those products with their social circle and when someone shows interest in buying, they need to place the order on the app by adding their margin. And that’s it. From there GharHatti will take care of order delivery, payment collection and reseller’s margin transfer.
It’s that simple to start a business with GharHatti effortlessly.

You can make money with GharHatti by selling products on social media platforms. When you open the app, you will find a huge variety of high-quality items selected from the top suppliers in the industry. Choose a product that your network would be interested in and share it with your social circle. Place the order on GharHatti mobile app, when someone shows interest and set your desired margin. GharHatti will deliver the order and directly transfer your set margin to your account. This is how you can make money as a reseller.

Follow these simple tips to get your first order as a reseller.
Tip 1: Start with your Family and Friends: Family and friends are a great way to start your reselling journey. Share products with your friends & family and encourage them to not only buy from you but also refer to others. This way you can easily get your first order quickly.
Tip 2: Use Social Media Platforms: Set up your business WhatsApp account, or create a Facebook/Instagram page and share products there. This way your products will be visible to many potential customers.

The margin is the amount of money you wish to make on the sale of a product. You yourself add your margin. For example, If you find a lotion for Rs 500 on GharHatti app and sell it for Rs 750, you will get the full difference, i.e., 750-500 = 250 Rs. After your order is fulfilled, the margin amount (Rs 250) will be credited to your account.

If you are new to reselling, follow these easy steps:
– Install WhatsApp on your phone.
– Add as many people as possible to your WhatsApp.
– Inform your friends and family that you have opened an online business and that you will be offering new and amazing things from your store.
– Start sharing products from the GharHatti mobile app.
– When someone expresses an interest in purchasing a thing, check to see how much is the price of the product on GharHatti mobile app.
– Assume you are getting a product for Rs 500 – mention your pricing after adding a margin of 10-15%. (Rs 540 to 560 in this case).
– If the consumer confirms his or her interest in purchasing, place the order on GharHatti mobile app. That’s it.
– Everything will be handled from here. We will ship the product to your customer, collect payment at the time of delivery, and send you your profit margin.
– Additionally, you can share and sell on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Business. The more you share about your items, the more likely they will sell.

We understand how critical it is for resellers to keep their supply source secret. At GharHatti we never reveal the price and source of the product to anyone except the reseller. So your buyer will never be able to locate the original source and pricing. The courier is sent on your behalf, and the amount reflected on the invoice is the price you set.

We make sure that the products listed on GharHatti are of top quality. We have a dedicated team of professionals with strong industry understanding and experience in e-commerce platforms, for quality checking. The majority of our suppliers have a documented track record of high quality. Furthermore, quality is continuously evaluated depending on return rates. So, as a reseller you don’t need to worry about the quality.

If a customer wishes to return a product, you can easily submit a return request through the GharHatti Mobile app. Our courier will go to your customer’s location and retrieve the product, after which a full refund will be issued to your customer.

No, resellers do not require a NTN number to start their business with GharHatti.

Customers buying from “GharHatti Resellers” can easily make payments via Cash on Delivery (COD).


GharHatti supplier is someone who already has a business and wanted to increase his revenue without any extra effort or investment. At GharHatti, a supplier can FREELY register himself, and upload its products. His products will be available to thousands of resellers which they will sell, and make him effortless sales. It’s that easy to expand your business with GharHatti as a supplier.

Register your supplier account on GharHatti and add a category for your products called catalogue. Add products in your created catalogue and provide product details and the price you want to sell. Congratulations, your business is on its way to endless expansion.

Yes! As soon as you register your supplier account with GharHatti, you will get a very large number of resellers that will be selling your products all over Pakistan.

Of course you can. It’s very easy and simple to sell your products through GharHatti without doing anything. All you need is to register your supplier account, create a catalogue (product specific category) and add products. That’s it. Your business is on its way to unlimited growth and expansion.

The catalogue is a collection of the same or similar type of supplier products. For example the catalogue of skincare products. Catalogues are useful for resellers. Because they eliminate the need of sharing separate pictures of different products. Instead of sharing lotions, creams, gels, resellers can share the entire catalogue of skincare products.

Login to, and there on the side menu in the product section, click on “Product Catalogue.” Click “add new catalogue,” select the category of your products, add a name to the catalogue.
Note: Add similar sorts of products in one catalogue and save it.

Go to your product catalogue and click “add new product.” You will need to provide the product name, weight, stock quantity, price, picture and description. After filling in the information, it is done.

Once you get an order request from resellers, click on the request and see details. Click “accept” order and then confirm shipment by clicking on the button “Ready for Shipment.”

Once you accepted the order, then all you need is to deliver it to the courier service on the provided address. Its done.

Go to the catalogues you created and select the product you want to manage. That’s how easily you can manage your inventory.

With every sale, product quantity decreases, and if not mentioned on the panel, it will hurt sales and customer trust. So, it is essential to keep inventory up to date as products are sold or newly added.

It’s very easy to overview your sales data. Simply click on the sales option in the supplier portal and see all the details over there.

Rejected items are those that do not meet GharHatti’s product guidelines.
The system may reject a product for any or all of the following reasons:

-Product names with only one word or when no product information is available
-If the product description is incorrect (size, fabric, colour, etc.)
-If the product does not match the product category. For example, jewelry items added in the product category of cosmetics.
-If the product image provided is low quality, tiny, foggy, or not viewable correctly.

These rules must be followed to optimize the product’s chances of selling. When appropriately formatted, the aforementioned data assists the consumer in purchasing.

First step of getting maximum resellers on GharHatti is to sign up as a reseller.
Your products will get maximum visibility when you sign up as a supplier. It means your products will be shared more by resellers which will ultimately skyrocket your sales. Sign up as a provider using the “Become a supplier” icon.

-Your products will get 30 times more sales when shared by thousands of resellers and sold all over Pakistan.
-You don’t need to invest a single rupee to increase your revenue.
-All of order fulfilment, delivery and payment collection will be handled by GharHatti.
-You don’t need to worry about your product sales as it is like auto selling with the power of resellers.
In short, there is nothing to lose to expand your business with GharHatti and only to gain.


GharHatti reselling platform is where anyone can start his own business under his own name. As an entrepreneur, you share products from the GharHatti Mobile App with your network or on social media, and you earn the desired margin from each sale. Resellers can browse through thousands of top-selling products. Reselling with GharHatti is a simple way to start a new business.

GharHatti platform facilitates resellers with its easy-to-use mobile app;
– Download GharHatti mobile app from your Playstore/Appstore.
-Register your reseller account by providing the basic information.
-Share catalogues on your social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or others.
-Get orders from your social circle (Friends, Family, relatives, and other contacts).
-Confirm the order on the app with your desired margin.
-We will deliver the product to the customer and collect money.
Once the order is delivered and payment collected. The Reseller’s margin will be transferred to his account as per company policy.

The single most critical step in starting your Reselling business is to share product catalogues with your friends and relatives. Why? Because people purchase a product when they see it. It’s comparable to offline buying in which you only like something when you are given various options. That is why, share items on WhatsApp and Facebook on a frequent basis. You should share products at least 2-3 times a day. So go ahead and give it a go! You will undoubtedly find consumers.

Start with friends and family since they are always there to encourage you as you embark on a new journey. You can start by sharing with each of them separately. However, when you gain some success, you can create a group in which you can share with multiple people at once.
Finally, remember that sharing catalogues on a regular basis is the key to growing your business. All you have to do is keep sharing products regularly.

To become a successful reseller you should be better aware of your target customer needs. Then you can select the products that can meet their needs and then share with them. Remember you should give your customers multiple options for each product. For example, if your friend needs a dress for some event, instead of sharing one single dress you should share the entire catalogue.

Yes, you can easily search for specific products by simply typing the word related to the product on GharHatti Mobile App. For example, you want to search for t-shirts. You don’t need to browse through the clothing category. You can type “t-shirt” in the search bar of GharHatti mobile app and access a larger collection of t-shirts.

Product catalogues can be shared on WhatsApp in two ways:
Way 1– GharHatti has an integrated sharing option, which means you can send catalogues and items directly to WhatsApp. Click on the green colored “Share Now” button in GharHatti Mobile App. It will immediately launch WhatsApp; simply pick the person or group with whom you wish to share it. You can also share the entire category (catalogue) by clicking the “share” icon.
Way 2– Another option is to manually download and share the catalogue. At the bottom of the catalogue, click the download icon. All the product pictures in that catalogue will be downloaded to your gallery. Open WhatsApp and choose the group or individual to whom you wish to send it. Open the Gallery, pick the products, and then click the share button. You can also copy the catalogue description from the GharHatti Mobile App and paste it into your WhatsApp Chat.

GharHatti mobile App has integrated facebook sharing option which helps you directly share products on facebook with just one click. Open GharHatti mobile app, go to the product you want to sell. Click on the Facebook icon. It will directly open your Facebook app, click on post and your product link will be visible to all of your friends.

When someone shows interest in buying from you, after you share the product pictures and information with them, you open GharHatti app. Then you click on the product the customer wants to buy, click the “add to cart” option, and enter the buyer’s information. After that add your margin, and your order will be placed.

Your placed order is confirmed usually within an hour by the supplier. After confirmation, supplier hands over the order to the courier service. Within 2-3 working days order is delivered to the customer and payment is collected by our courier service.

Margin is the amount a reseller wants to earn by selling some product.For example, the product listed on GharHatti has an original price of Rs.500/- and reseller wants to earn Rs. 100/- on it. So, he/she can add his Rs.100/- as margin and sell it at Rs.600/-

Resellers can add a margin by selecting a product they want to sell. Place the order and provide the required details such as Customer’s Name, Customer’s Shipping Address & other required information. After that, you can see a field on your screen to add your margin. Enter your margin amount and tap “Place Order.”

GharHatti will collect the Reseller’s margin and the product price through delivery partners. After reconciliation & settlement, GharHatti will transfer the margin, as per the payment & settlement policy of the company.

A reseller doesn’t need to worry about the order delivery, GharHatti will take care of all the order shipments.

You can get all the order information on GharHatti mobile app under “order” section. By clicking on “order” option you will be able to see all the orders delivery status like shipped or in process.

If a customer refuses the order when it’s been delivered, the order will be cancelled and returned back to the supplier.

You can cancel your order by following these simple steps:

-Go to ‘Orders’ on the GharHatti mobile app.
-Click on the order you want to cancel.
-Select ‘Cancel’
-Choose a reason for cancelling the order (you can add additional comments if you want).
-Click on ‘CANCEL’
-Your order will be cancelled successfully.
Note: However, if the order has already been shipped, it cannot be cancelled. In this scenario, your customer will have to refuse the order at the time of receiving.
Plus, an order can be only cancelled within 1 hour of time since it is placed.

If you cancel an order, you will not be charged.

To search for products that you have shared with your customers, you can go to the ‘order’ section in the GharHatti mobile app. There you will see all the order information like the number of orders you have shared, their status of delivery and others.

Here are some basic methods for locating consumers on Whatsapp:
Share Frequently: Sharing a few things exclusively on specific days is insufficient. You must share a variety of items several times every day. When you share products 2-3 times each day, you can receive the most orders.
Share Relevant and Right Products: It is just as crucial to share the relevant and right products as it is to share frequently. It will be easier to receive orders if you share something that your consumers need. So, find out what your consumers like and share accordingly.
Share with many: If you only share with a small number of consumers. They may express an interest but are unlikely to purchase. The only method to receive an order in this case is to share with more people! Here’s how you can find additional clients:
-Friends and family are always encouraging when you start something new.
-Neighbours: Tell them about your business the next time you see them.
-Friends of Friends: Request your friends to refer your products to their friends. If they suggest someone, you can give them a discount.
Summary: Share with everyone and make sure you’re sharing the right things!

Whatsapp Broadcast saves you time and effort when it comes to sharing items throughout your Whatsapp network. You can design an educational and powerful text message and send it together with product pictures. You can create distinct Broadcast groups and share products according to the nature of your clients.
For example, if you have a group of friends that enjoy western clothing, you can form a separate group for them and share the most recent goods with them all at once.

Uploading a Whatsapp status is a simple approach to promote your items without actually sharing them with individuals or groups. When someone checks your status, he or she can contact you directly and express an interest. This allows you to attract more and more customers.

Uploading a Whatsapp status is a simple approach to promote your items without actually sharing them with individuals or groups. When someone checks your status, he or she can contact you directly and express an interest. This allows you to attract more and more customers.

Facebook is a great place to give your business a good push. By creating a facebook page for your products you can attract many potential customers. Also you can share products in different facebook groups and hence gain many customers.

Follow these basic steps to create your facebook page.
-Login to facebook.
-Select ‘Create Page’ from the upper right drop-down menu.
-Click ‘Get Started’ for a business or brand.
-Give your page a unique name and category.
-Upload an excellent profile and cover photo, then click proceed.
-Share your page link
Keep your page updated with top-selling products. This way, more people will notice your page and learn more about your business.

Yes, you should join Facebook groups. Before joining a group, do your homework.
If it’s an open group, learn about it. Examine the group’s activities and the last time it was active. Whether the group members debate fashion, home utilities, or other things.
If it’s a closed group, find out what it’s about from the name. Examine the group’s size and activity.

Before joining a Facebook group, look for:
-Is the group active?
-When was the last group activity?
-How many people are in the group?
-What do the members discuss?
-Are they interested in what you are trying to sell?
Join groups related to the products you want to sell.

Social media is the best approach to reach new consumers. You can find more customers by:
-Facebook Profile
-Facebook Page
-Facebook Groups
Using Facebook, you can increase your consumer base and grow your business. Follow these steps to find more customers through Facebook.
-Regularly share products. Keep it brief and informative.
-It is very important to answer any questions you get from your customers in the form of comments or DMs.
-Ask your Facebook friends to like and share your postings.
-Join as many groups as you can. Make sure they connect to your products.
-Keep an eye on the comments. Quickly respond to the queries you get in comments.
-If someone shows interest in a product, start a chat on Messenger or WhatsApp.
-Focus on GharHatti’s unique features and services, such as shipping, quality products, affordable prices, and cash on delivery.
Make sure you meet a customer’s needs both before and after the sale. This builds trust and encourages customers to keep buying from you.

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