GharHatti is Pakistan’s First most reliable and easy to use platform to either expand or start a new business without any investment.

How GharHatti creates a better livelihood for millions?

GharHatti is an emerging game-changing social Commerce platform. Providing equal opportunity for every individual in Pakistan to explore entrepreneurship, GharHatti is on its way to leading the economic revolution.

Businesses sell more, expand and increase their revenue with GharHatti by listing their products as a Supplier. Resellers are given free access to suppliers’ top-selling products which they can sell and earn the desired margin.

Our Mission

To create ease of doing business in Pakistan.

Our Vision

To educate, and encourage people to be their own boss.

It's More Easy,
Than You Think to Expand or Start Your Business.

Who can be a supplier?

GharHatti suppliers are those who already have a business and they want to take it to the next level. Anyone can be a Supplier by registering with GharHatti, and uploading their products, which resellers will have access to sell. That’s it. Their business is set for endless growth.

Who can be a reseller?

GharHatti resellers can be those who want to start their own business but don’t have any investment or skillset. GharHatti, gives resellers access to a large number of top-selling products which they can sell and earn their desired margin. It’s that easy to start a new business with GharHatti.

How it Works

Our Partners

We are proud to be a partner with some of the best organizations.

Success Stories

The lives of people across our region

Hunzala Baloch

“My Clothing business was running well but despite my efforts, it was not growing out to a certain point. I consulted my friends. One told me how my products are limited to the area of my business location. He briefed how without any experience, knowledge and expertise I can sell my products all over Pakistan by almost doing nothing. Thanks to GharHatti, I have expanded my business to the point I have never imagined before.”

Aqsa CH

“Being a mother of two beautiful kids, I always used to wonder how I could I earn help my husband in household expenses. One day, my husband told me how without doing almost nothing I can earn enough to bear all the household expenses. Now with GharHatti, I just scroll through the products listed there, choose the one I think my friends will be interested in buying then I share with them and earn my margin when they purchase. Thanks Gharhatti, for enabling me to earn so easily.”

Become a Supplier

Increase your revenue and expand your business efortlessly by becoming a GharHatti supplier.

Become a Reseller

Start your own business with your own name without any investment by becoming GharHatti reseller.

Frequently Asked Questions

GharHatti is Pakistan’s first most reliable and easy-to-use platform to either expand or start a new business without any cost. At GharHatti, resellers sell products online through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media app. GharHatti helps their online business by providing:

-Large number of top-selling products
-Orders fulfillment and Logistics
-Cash on Delivery payment method
-Best quality with easy Return Policy

GharHatti aims to help thousands of people make a living by making it easy to start or expand an online business.

GharHatti offers business owners a platform where they can sell their products all over Pakistan. Suppliers can register their account on GharHatti and then they can create product catalogues, add products in the catalogue with the product information. All supplier’s products will be visible to resellers which they will select and share with their social circle. When resellers get orders, they will place them on the GharHatti mobile app, and the Supplier will get notified. Then the supplier confirms the order request and clicks on ready to ship. GharHatti will deliver the order and after receiving payment, will transfer the supplier’s amount into his bank account.
This is how simply; suppliers can increase their revenue and expand their business without any cost.

GharHatti provides resellers a very simple & easy platform to start a business at no cost. As a reseller, you earn your margin on every sale by sharing the products available on the GharHatti mobile app with your network or on social media. You can browse through a wide variety of products on the GharHatti mobile app. Reselling with GharHatti is a simple and profitable way to work from home.

You can make money with GharHatti by selling products on social media platforms. When you open the app, you will find a huge variety of high-quality items selected from the top suppliers in the industry. Choose a product that your network would be interested in and share it with your WhatsApp contacts or groups. You can also share the products on your Facebook wall, page, or groups. After you share your products, you will receive queries. You should add your margin on top of the product price and shipment charges, and then share the final price with your customer. When your customer confirms the order, place order with customer information on the GharHatti mobile app. The order will be delivered to your customer within the next 2-4 business days.
Please keep in mind that your customer will pay our logistics partner in cash at the time of delivery. Within a few working days, GharHatti will receive the money and deposit your margin to your bank account.

Here are some points to help you get your first order:
Tip 1: Start with your Family and Friends: Family and friends are a great way to start your reselling journey. Share products with your friends & family and encourage them to not only buy from you but also refer to others. This way you can easily get your first order quickly
Tip 2: Use Social Media Platforms: You can set up a business WhatsApp account, create your Facebook page, or an Instagram account where you can share product pictures and attract buyers.

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